aren’t you a little young?

If you don’t know, and I hope you don’t because that would be creepy, but my little brother is in eighth grade. As in middle school. As in not in high school. So you could imagine my surprise when I walked into school on the first day and saw crowds of my little brother’s best friends just chilling like they were in high school. I probably looked like this:

I wanted to know why they were here and how they got here. Eventually I found out that these middle schoolers had earned their place here by scoring well on the Iowa Core Assesment tests. Well good for them. Where was this program when I was in eighth grade? Essentially we gained fifty new students without the ability to hire new teachers because these students are not technically high school students. This means crowded classes and freshman who can’t get into the necessary classes because of these kids. It also means more people in the building which makes it harder to get to class on time. But regardless of their age or grade, I know Kennedy will continue to treat them with the respect they deserve because whether we like it or not, they earned the right to come to our school.


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